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Welcome to Milton Chiropractic Clinic – Literally thousands of people from Cambridge and the surrounding area have consulted us for our professional advice and care; many of whom are recommended to us by family and friends.

From our practice in Milton, near Cambridge, our Chiropractors in Cambridge deliver a professional, highly specialised and patient centred approach; combining individually tailored healthcare plans with the most effective, long-term treatment for back and neck pain available.

I have been receiving treatment from Sim for lower back pain and restricted movement for only a month and am already pain free. The improvement has been remarkable. All the staff at Milton have been pleasant and more
Joyce Evans
11:34 15 Nov 23
Highly recommended. This is an hour away from where I live, but it's all worth it. I have been to many other Physios, but Jasper has the magic to fix bad backs.
Shoaib Ali
22:55 08 Nov 23
Been for treatments at Milton Chiropractic Clinic for about a month now and what a difference it has made in only a short period of time. Apryl, is very welcoming, professional, understanding and clearly knows what she’s talking about. Listens to the issues your having and treats accordingly, always happily explaining and describing the techniques she’s using and why, along the way so that you can understand what’s going on. Would happily recommend the Clinic and Apryl to anybody having more
Lee Daynes
19:42 20 Oct 23
I went recommended by a patient and I myself would highly recommend this clinic to anyone with pain. I went to the clinic with a foot pain and lower back pain that I had for a long time. I was treated by Apryl who went above and beyond to help me feel comfortable and well treated. She explained everything in a professional but easy to understand way. All the staff has been very pleasant and I feel they really care for your health improvement. Seriously, if you are in pain, don't doubt it more and visit more
Laia Fernàndez i Tolós
13:47 22 Sep 23
I am no longer in pain! Thank you so much Ty and Cambridge Milton Chiropractic clinic, for clearing up a two year long, chronic pain. Feels good to have a normal working neck again. Great place, tidy, professional, if you need your joints back in working order, you go to these guys!read more
08:31 11 Sep 23
I would highly recommend Milton chiropractors Clinic. Jasper has been helping my husband to overcome his back pain and has improved massively, the staff are very attentive and profesional and try their best to accommodate our needs. Thank youread more
martina ambrozva
13:57 21 Jun 19
Would highly recommend this clinic to anyone with pain! I went to the clinic with severe lower back pain which was hindering my performance in the gym. I was treated by Kathryn who went above and beyond to help address any queries I had. All of the staff are so friendly and take a genuine personal interest in every single person! I will definitely be using Milton chiropractic in the more
Sam Matthews
13:19 10 Jun 19
Highly recommended. I received treatment for plantar fasciitis from Marcin and my experience was excellent. Very thorough and I will definitely be back.
jaclyn swindell
12:53 04 Apr 19
I have suffered from back pain for a few years and would regularly get massages to relieve the tension. However I found this to be a very temporary fix. At the start of 2019 I was introduced to chiropractic and now I feel better than ever! In just a couple of months, the team at Milton Chiropractic Clinic have helped with my pain, my posture and taught me how to prevent back pain! I wish I had know about the benefits of adjustments earlier! If anyone is struggling with back pain, your first port of call should be a chiropractor - not a masseuse! And the team in Milton are by far the best in the area! They carry out extensive tests and work to fully understand the pain you’re having. They offer bespoke, individual treatment which massively increases your chance of relief! I would highly highly reccomend this to anyone suffering from any kind of joint pain, headaches, soreness and more
Harsimar Atwal
22:12 30 Mar 19
I cannot recommend Milton Chiropractic Clinic enough. I am under the care of Jasper who is a highly experienced and dedicated practitioner. He has a holistic view to treatment which sets him apart from others. The whole practice has a friendly, caring and professional attitude and nothing is too much more
Sharon Day
17:05 29 Mar 19
The receptionist is very kind she offers you tea or coffee while you are waiting for your appointment.
Jeniya Gwendu
19:42 21 Mar 19
I have found my experiences to be friendly and professional. You start with free parking on site, greeted at the reception with coffee and tea, appointments are always on time with clean, pleasing treatment areas available, then the team go through a thorough process in order to decide the best way to proceed for you and the treatment you need. They seem well equipped to deal with your issues. I went in with one problem only to find that I had several issues that were dealt with without any problem. very pleased with the service offered and continue to more
pete jones
11:16 18 Mar 19
Been seeing Jasper for a few weeks now, fantastic results, always very friendly and reassuring. Would highly recommend!
Claire Dickson
20:17 07 Mar 19
This is an outstanding practice and one I am so glad I was recommended to. As a 47 y/o man, I was starting to feel seriously painful wear and tear, particularly in my lower back and knees. My long suffering wife demanded I see Milton Chiropractic, having herself been a very happy client for several years. Joe was the person allocated to sort me out, and by goodness has he! I’m now a much less creaky 48 y/o, feel better than I have in years, and all my fears about the ‘dark art’ of chiropractics vanished on my first visit. Joe has done superb work, I feel amazing for it, and I couldn’t recommend this excellent practice highly enough. I look forward to my monthly maintenance visit, which is excellent value for money too. If you are in any doubt about chiropractics don’t be, Milton and the fabulous team there has me completely under control and converted to the huge benefits of more
Jerry Froggett
19:34 06 Mar 19
After being recommended Milton Chiropractors about 3 years ago I have never looked back. I spent a lot of time and money trying to get some relief from severe back pain so was sceptical to try a new place. From the first consultation with Rebecca I could tell I was in a place that cared and wanted to help. After an intensive course of treatment with Rebecca my symptoms got significantly better. I have been going to the practice for about 3 years and I am pain free. I see jasper every 4-6 weeks and he has helped with numerous injuries over the years including migraines. As well as the chiropractors the reception staff are so kind and make you feel comfortable straight away and take the time to speak to you. I cannot recommend this clinic enough, it literally has altered my life!read more
Sophie Smyth
09:17 06 Mar 19
These guys are absolutely amazing. I had spent months with severe back pains and it all went away after only a few visits. The great knowledge of the practice shows after their treatments and suggestions have made such a difference in my life. I would highly recommended Milton to more
Will Garcia
18:18 21 Jan 19
Staff here are super friendly and the chiropractors are the perfect balance of professional and chatty
Jenny Hill
15:41 08 Jan 19
Wow best money I ever spent. Identified that problem, regular stretching and light excercise routine and 8 sessions later I'm able to say the neck problem I had is well on its way to being solved. Great friendly receptionists and very attentive chiropractor. Thank you so more
robert jagger
10:41 12 Dec 18
Excellent attention and very good Chiropractics there.
Ana Parker
05:57 22 Nov 18
I hobbled into the clinic, like a penguin. i honestly wondered if id ever walk properly again. Pregnancy had really taken its toll on my body, i injured myself and my body couldn't repair the damage. i put up with the pain for 4 weeks and couldn't take any more .Thank goodness for Jaspa, he's magic. i had a few intense sessions and all the pain has gone. I've been given some great advice to keep my body moving as it should.I wouldn't hesitate to recomend this more
Sharon Ludman
20:56 30 Oct 18
I’ve left a review before (December 2017)...but that was just when Kathryn had fixed my shoulder and significantly reduced my back pain!! At that point, and into the new year, I still thought I’d have to give up running as pain returned every time I upped it. And I definitely thought I’d not be able to continue cycling! Don't get me wrong, I was still improving pain wise (a lot), just felt I was going backwards every time I pushed it further...I was being impatient! So...I carried on with treatments from Kathryn, working hard in between sessions and improving...but still thinking I’d never run or cycle long distances. In March 2018 I managed to do the Cambridge Half Marathon. And then this weekend (July 2018) I did a 100 mile cycle event! Boom...fixed! I’ll never be able to express how much Kayhryn has improved my life...not only eliminating the pain I was getting just doing every day things...but to be able to carry on running and cycling (and other training) is well beyond what I thought we would be able to achieve! Kathryn literally gave me my life more
Rea Dominguez
08:44 31 Jul 18
I cannot speak highly enough of Milton Chiropractic Clinic. First saw Marcin in June after suffering with sciatica, having had two herniated discs in my lumbar operated on 18 months before. Within twenty minutes I had gone from being bent over and hardly able to walk, to standing up straight with no pain. Over the course of a month I saw Marcin another four times and I'm well on the way to being fixed! Thanks Marcin and everyone at Milton Chiropractic more
Matthew Sheriff
05:08 19 Jul 18
I have been a patient since 2004. I have a wonderful experience and would recommend it as often as I could. You cannot fault it.
Linda Bryant
15:03 14 Jul 18
I first booked an appointment here in March as I’ve suffered from cluster headaches for around 13 years. Over the years they have become worse and I’ve had to take more of my prescribed medication and the last couple of years I’ve still been getting them on high dosages of verapamil. I was on my medication constantly from around last September and each time I lowered it they came back so I looked online for other things that could help with this awful pain and a chiropractor was mentioned so I booked into Milton Chiropractors with Marcin. Up until this day I’ve had 10 sessions and I have been cluster headache free for the last 2 months and am currently on no prescribed medication. Marcin was very friendly and helpful from the start, he worked on me and also gave me exercises and stretches to do at home which have clearly helped me for the better, I’m seeing him again this week after 6 weeks as my appointments have gone from twice a week to further and further apart as my condition has improved. I highly recommend anyone with this awful condition to try this out as it’s been so effective for me and I wish I was made aware of it years more
Matthew Kneeshaw
18:09 09 Jul 18
Great place, attentive staff and very polite. Managed to fixed my back problem that was going on for many years. A bit expensive though but I guess those are the prices for this kind of more
Florin Popa
13:50 12 Jun 18
A couple of my colleagues (fitness instructors) recommended this clinic following a cycle accident. I've had great results and care from Marcin. My job is physically intense and my regular visits here keep me in top form and keep me working. I've recommended this practice and Marcin to several of my fitness colleagues and friends too. They have parking and have long opening hours including Saturdaysread more
Katya Mohsen
17:35 26 May 18
Lovely staff and the receptionists are always so lovely and welcoming. Both my mum and I go here and are treated by Jasper and Alex. Mum’s constant headaches are now gone and my monthly appointments keep me moving well. We would highly recommend!read more
Abbi McGlennon
19:09 05 Apr 18
Very friendly and experienced practice. Fabulous rapport and they've been doing wonders with my back, neck, and shoulders.
Chris O'Shea
22:57 02 Apr 18
The clinic is spotless, the staff super helpful and friendly. Marcin has been treating me for a few months now for an ongoing neck and back problem and I have found his expertise invaluable The service provided is excellent value for money and I can't recommend them more
Joanne Bailey
08:01 25 Mar 18
I cannot recommend The Milton Chiropractic Clinic highly enough. I was having problems with my ankle for about 6 months before coming here and thanks to Jasper and his expert knowledge I'm back to my best in just a few weeks. He was kind enough to offer me good nutritional advice while I was there to help me towards other goals as well. The whole team there are very friendly and welcoming and I will not hesitate to go back if I have other problems in the future!read more
Zac K-P
11:48 08 Mar 18
I am so pleased I went to the MILTON Chiropractic Clinic. I was in considerable pain with my shoulder, neck and arm from a sports injury. After a few treatments the intense pain vanished and following further visits could identify I had too much tension around my neck area. The treatments were valuable in restoring proper mobility around my shoulder area/neck. A very professional service all round and highly recommended as it clearly addressed the problem instead of masking it with a pain killer!read more
candy o
16:25 07 Mar 18
I am so pleased with the shock wave therapy treatment I have received from Alex and Emily for Plantur Faciitis, it’s definitely sped up my recovery. I’ve had 6 treatments and I would say it’s improved 70 -80%. They both gave me some good advice on continuing the recovery away from the practise. Everyone is so lovely and the reception staff were extremely welcoming and the coffee isn’t bad either ! I will definitely recommend this clinic. Thank youread more
Debbie Doonan
17:06 23 Jan 18
For those who suffer with back problems I can say, without hesitation, that Jasper and the Milton Chiropractic team can be trusted to do their best in a friendly and engaged manner. Having tried other techniques to help cure lower back and hip pain without success, I tried chiropractic treatment. With a few months of intense treatment I am happy to say it worked and now, after seven years regular 'top up' maintenance with Milton Chiropratic I am, most of the time, free of the incessant pain that is so debilitating. It's worth the 80 mile round trip!read more
robert lee
13:45 20 Jan 18
An absolutely amazing place and I highly recommend! I owe them so much as they have helped in so many ways. A friendly atmosphere and the staff are the best of the best.
Gemma Raymond
08:05 13 Jan 18
Had a series of treatments for lower back pain. Not only did Kathryn sort out the pain, she’s provided me with a series of exercises to combat the cause of the issue. Back to running after not being able to put on socks without agonising pain a month ago. Staff are completely lovely. Would recommend!!read more
Thomas Knorpp
12:08 31 Dec 17
I can’t express how happy I am with my treatments I’ve had from Kathryn so far! I’m sure I’m probably not the most simple of cases. Not least because I have a tendency to think my aches and pains are normal, as I’ve ignored and put up with them for many years! When actually, they’re symptoms that need to be disclosed. Ooops. Each session seems to uncover another symptom or problem that needs addressing. Despite my apparent secrecy and the extra work to extract the required information from me...Kathryn has been extremely patient, professional and friendly throughout and has helped so much already. I really can’t thank her enough. My shoulder pain and lack of mobility was sorted within the first two treatments...and hasn’t been so mobile since a rotator cuff injury over a year ago, despite seeing a physio. My back has shown a huge amount of improvement that I didn’t really think possible as I’ve suffered for so many years. I’m very excited about the prospect of a pain free back and improved ability to continue training...which I’m quite sure Kathryn will help me achieve. Thank you so more
Rea Dominguez
13:43 23 Dec 17
I've even receiving treatment from Rebecca Grafton for around four months. The treatment has been excellent and highly professional in a hygienic and well appointed modern surgery. I have been given exercise programs and video scans which help my on going treatments. I have had back and neck problems for many years and I can say that this is the best treatment I've ever had for my condition. I can recommend Rebecca to anyone who needs to see a chiropractor without hesitation, my condition has improved beyond all my expectations since I have been a patientread more
Edward Knox
17:15 19 Dec 17
I have been delighted with the service and care I have received whilst being treated at Milton. All the staff were friendly and made you feel very at ease and I was always seen promptly and given great care and advice to aid my recovery. I am pleased to report massive improvements within a fairly speedy timeframe and I will be returning regularly to ensure the results we achieved are the new norm for me - would recommend to anyone - can’t recommend highly enoughread more
Fran Vale
13:29 19 Dec 17
I have been attending the clinic to see Rebecca for last couple of weeks, very pleased with outcome following treatment. Everyone has been very friendly and helpful.
Linda Lucas
17:21 10 Dec 17
Been going for 7 visits after physio actually made my tendon worse. Absolutely amazing results. Great care is taken and well worth the time and money to see such results in such a short time. Would certainly recommend to anyone. Thank you Emily Kim, really appreciate your care and more
Chris Few
18:20 01 Dec 17
great clinic and great people working there. Marcin Dochnal helps me a lot with my wrist pain and my headaches. I recommend Milton Chiropractic Clinic in 100 % :)
Monika Borkowska
19:36 28 Nov 17
I suppose that almost any chiropractor would have been able to help me with my back pain. That's is not why I keep going to them, but because of the extra value they deliver with all sort of initiatives and advice (free health scans, 10,000 steps etc), which helped me change my lifestyle and contributed to a 30kg weight loss. Ah, and yes, they also stopped my back more
Narci Figueroa
21:23 26 Nov 17
Dr Marcin has helped me go from being in pain every day, and having limited movement to being pain free and fully mobile again. From the time you enter the clinic till the time you leave, you are made to feel like a vip. Thank you team, very grateful for all your help and support and my continued mot’s now for me and my daughter to keep us in tip top condition Would recommend if have back or neck pain coming to visit Marcin you won’t regret more
helen starkey
23:04 24 Nov 17
So so glad I finally did something about my persistent neck and shoulder pain. I was recommended Marcin by a friend and I thoroughly back that recommendation. A properly holistic healing experience starting from the moment I walked in the door to reception. Through seeing Marcin first of all twice weekly, then less regularly, with a mix of physical chiropractic treatment, a great listening ear, interesting popping noises (mine), general professional and personal recommendations and physio exercises, I am feeling fab again and plan to continue to. Some great conversations too! Thank you, thank more
Azu Hatch
15:17 24 Nov 17
I am a high-level rower (train 10-12 times a week) with scoliosis and a history of previous injuries, which is a recipe for disaster. I came to Marcin, from Milton Chiropractic Clinic, to help with my musculoskeletal imbalances. He has been fantastic. His domain knowledge in sports therapy has been extremely useful for me to work around previous injuries (ischial bursitis and lower back pain). Marcin is kind, fun to be around, listens carefully to my needs and preoccupations and provides very valuable help on a tight schedule given work and training. The tightness and mobility of my posterior chain have improved tremendously since visiting him on a regular basis and I have no signs of ischial bursitis any more. I am very thankful for that, highly recommended!read more
Ignacio Perez Pozuelo
10:44 24 Nov 17
Excellent consultancy and service from a very professional team, including the relaxing atmosphere with the 'front desk ladies'. I have been visiting Marcin since August and my lower back pain is cured and my neck/ shoulder 90%- just care; exercise and patience required moving forward. My body has had a long manual working life and 5 children experience, so at 55 I visited the right more
Michael Swan-Taylor
16:11 01 Nov 17
Very pleased with my experience at Milton chiropractic clinic. Thanks to Dr Jasper for helping me to get rid of the terrible back pain and to the ladies at the reception desk for putting a smile on my face everytime I'm there. Thank you!read more
Viktoras Poska
20:08 12 Oct 17
I cannot thank the team enough for the treatment I have received. I now no longer suffer from 2-3 day long migraines twice a month and my general health is much improved. I would highly recommend the more
Jackie Harmon
12:48 05 Sep 17
Super service from the team at Milton Chiropractic Clinic! I've been seeing Alex for the past few months and he's helped keep my body in shape for competitions as an international level powerlifter. No matter what you do - sitting at a desk all day, or are a sports person, I highly recommend Milton Chiropractics Clinic. Extremely professional, really friendly and I recommend them to everyone!read more
Camille Holland
14:14 17 Aug 17
From the moment I arrived I was at ease - the reception staff are welcoming and efficient. My ankle injury wasn't improving with physiotherapy so, upon recommendation from my mother, I visited Marcin Dochnal at the clinic to see if he could help. After only one visit I had improved mobility and after an intense course of treatments I saw significant improvement. The service is excellent: I have been treated as a whole, not just the injured area but the knock on effects on my body and I received clear instructions for rehabilitation exercises. I now have a relationship of trust and respect for the practitioners and cannot recommend them highly more
Nicola Phillips
16:13 05 Aug 17
As an elderly citizen I had consistent back pain which had me walking somewhat bent with one arm pressing sore back muscles. Emily has done a great job in getting me walking comfortably and more erect. She is helpful and highly professional and I can highly recommend her and the practice - not just for sports injuries!.read more
A Grant
10:53 04 Aug 17
I've been suffering with back pain and stiffness for a while and the doctors kept prescribing me with pain killers, but that was just covering up the problem and not really helping, so I decided to contact the Milton chiropractic clinic. I was a bit nervous at first purely because I didn't know what to expect, but when I arrived for my first appointment they were so friendly it felt like I'd been there before so was relaxed straight away. I was then introduced to Emily who was absolutely brilliant from the word go, fully explaining what was probably going on and what the course of treatment was. Had 3 weeks of treatment and straight away felt so much better, although the pain is still there slightly it is improving and the stiffness has completely gone. I feel so much better than I did before and with the exercises Emily has ask me to do at home I have every confidence this will heal completely. I think Emily has magic in her hands. read more
Luigi Riccio
08:52 29 Jul 17
Totally satisfied with the service received at this clinic. I have been suffering with back pain for 4-5 years and knee pain from previous surgeries over the last 10+years and after 1 month of attending this clinic with Emily I can honestly say that I have experienced significant improvements.The knee pain that has always been lingering in the background is almost non existent and the relief from back pain is amazing. Extremely friendly and welcoming receptionists, excellent chiropractors and an overall amazing professional service - would highly more
matthew allen
19:57 13 Jul 17
I found all the team at Milton Chiropractics very supportive, the reception team were always friendly and the email and text reminders for appointments were really helpful. MR Dochnal was a knowledgeable practitioner who helped me recover quickly. Highly recommended!read more
Siân Phelps
17:31 12 Jul 17
I have been attending the clinic for last few years after going to other clinics and finding I was never totally satisfied and still experienced pain and discomfort in my back and neck. Since going Milton I have attended for both injury and maintenance and have always left feeling that progress has been made and I am quickly on the mend! All of the practitioners are friendly and quickly put you at ease, you feel you can trust them immediately and therefore relax which obviously assists the treatment. Aftercare and exercises are easy to follow and simple to build into daily life. All the staff are very friendly and remember you by name, appointments are easy to book and quickly available. I have already recommended the clinic to my friends and family and would highly recommend to anyone else suffering with back, neck or shoulder pain -couldn't cope without them!read more
Claire Waterman
17:20 23 Jun 17
Relief at last!! After two years of the NHS trying to correct my ankle pain, the superb Alex and Marchin @ Milton continue to improve the mobility and strength of my ankle to a level I have not experienced during my adult years!! The Team are utterly fantastic, the clinic is a calm and I would recommend anyone in pain to visit!!read more
Jon Faulkner
11:58 23 Jun 17
I had a terrible pain in my back for a long time and I could not move.... :( I found the clinic...after 4 weeks there was no pain!!!! :) I'm thankful!!!! I recommend to everyone!
Csilla Rudrichne Barta
16:47 02 Jun 17
I was very pleased with the Treatment I received, as I am pleased to be pain free. Having had a very successful course of treatment from Emily KIm, that has given me the ability to get in and out of bed in a normal fashion and further to the above, I now walk upright for a pleasing more
Peter Osborn
19:50 01 Jun 17
Went to our GP suffering from a very painful right forearm and pins and needles in my fingers. Result: painkillers until it goes away. Wanted to cure the cause, not just the symptoms so booked with Milton Chiropractic Clinic. Result: met by friendly and charming reception staff, treated by Emily - fantastic result. The improvement after the initial treatment was remarkable and my few ongoing sessions have made such progress in healing my injured muscle and tissue as well as my posture that I have recommended this practice to friends. I cannot praise Emily 's caring and capable proficiency enough. Well done!read more
Kenneth Smith
11:00 29 May 17
Speaking as someone that works as a receptionist the reception staff are second to none! They make the environment very friendly and inviting! The chiropractors (specifically Alex) are amazing! They're all friendly and very helpful! They aren't out for making money, they genuinely want to treat you and do it in a minimum amount of sessions to keep your cost down. It is worth every penny! My shoulders were stiff and quite painful before i came but in about 2 weeks Alex had them feeling a lot looser and no where near as painful. I would definitely recommend!!read more
Matt McCash
19:26 05 May 17
After suffering a broken knee and spending 4 months n a cast and on crutches I found myself for the first time in my life with a bad back. The pain was so bad I could barely function and in desperation I visited Alex Bromsgrove. In a matter of 10 treatments I am now almost pain free and able to walk my dogs and return to the gym. He has been wonderful. I have also taken my daughter to see them with her shin splints and my son who plays tennis at a high level is booked into see him nest week to see if he can sort out a niggle with his hip. I cannot praise them highly enough and would recommend them to anyone .read more
Julia Huffer
17:44 09 Mar 17
The Milton Chiropractic Clinic is fantastic! I have just had my final review after 2-weeks of treatment. I can rate the facility highly enough to anyone requiring chiropractic treatment. The facility is clean and well presented, there is always a warm welcome from the receptionist. I have received treatment from Alex Broomsgrove , his knowledge, understanding personal approach are second to none. This has played a huge part in my recovery, which I didnt think was possible before I first visited! Thanks Alex and the more
Ed Sandford
16:37 23 Feb 17
I cannot praise the team at Milton chiropractic clinic enough, from the customer care to the knowledge of the team, to the coffee in reception! Alex has been fantastic, my progress has been phenomenal. Cannot recommend you all enough!read more
Michael King
07:16 23 Feb 17
I've suffered with excruciating back pain on a regular basis, each event occurring around four to six times a year since 1986. I've spent a small fortune over the years on private osteopath and physio visits. Since coming to the Milton Chiropractic centre a couple of years ago, I've had only two minor episodes, neither as debilitating as they used to be prior to the commencement of Chiropractic treatment. My regular Chiro is Lena, a young Norwegian lady who has been able to perform minor miracles with my back and knee. The treatments only last fifteen minutes but the results of that treatment easily last six weeks until the next visit. Treatments are far more specific and technical than osteopathy, very much gentler and provide a genuine holistic approach to getting to the root cause and not just treating the symptom. At £38 a session, the cost is not only affordable but awesome value for money ....... and £10 to £20 cheaper than what I've paid to osteopaths in the past. The entire staff are exceptionally friendly, professional and make you feel as if you're a valued patient from the moment you pick up the phone and book your first appointment. Totally satisfied with this practice and have no hesitation at all in recommending that anyone who may even be just considering possibly contacting them to waste no more time, stop your painful suffering and book the appointment. I'd award them 10 stars if I could, not just more
Tim Gardiner
17:07 17 Feb 17

Gregg Reid

“Jasper is a highly valued member of Cambridge United`s medical team and plays a crucial role in helping ensure our treatment plans for players are cutting edge, evidence based and in accordance with the latest guidelines for clinical excellence.”

Jason Bryne

“Milton Chiropractic Clinic staff are friendly, flexible and professional. I haven’t even considered using another practice since moving to the area.”

Lyn Adkin

“Excellent service. Reception staff are very welcoming and friendly. Jasper is brilliant and gets fantastic results. Cannot recommend them enough.”

What We Treat

Back Pain

Lower back pain
Sciatica & Slipped Discs
Wear & Tear

Lower back pain is very common complaint. Approximately 80% of adults will have lower back pain at some time in their lives, so it is important patients receive the best treatment for back pain.

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Neck Pain

Neck pain and stiffness

Neck pain is a very common problem, with two-thirds of the population experiencing neck pain at some point in their lives. As people become increasingly more physically inactive and live faster and a more hectic pace of live, they place more stress and strain on the upper back and neck regions of their spines.

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Migraines – tension headaches
Cervicogenic headaches

Headaches are a very common complaint amongst the general population. Although headaches are common, this doesn’t imply it’s normal. And while drugs conveniently help pain relief, they do not correct the possible underlying cause of a headache.

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Shoulder & Elbow

Shoulder Pain
Tennis Elbow
Golfers Elbow

With two-thirds of the population experiencing neck pain at some point in their lives. As people become increasingly more physically inactive and live faster and a more hectic pace of live, they place more stress and strain on the upper back and neck regions of their spines.

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Heel & Foot pain

Heel & Foot pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Achilles Tendonitis

About 1 in 10 people will suffer from plantar fasciitis at any point in their lifetime, making this a very common condition. The main symptom of plantar fasciitis is pain, commonly felt about 4 cm (1.5 inch) forward from the heel.

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Chiropractors in Cambridge

People of all ages and lifestyles can benefit from our Chiropractic treatments and we regularly treat seniors, professionals, builders, professional footballers, cyclists and walkers in the Cambridge area.

Chiropractor Near You – Free Parking Available

Our Chiropractors treat a range of musculoskeletal disorders that cause a multitude of problems affecting our backs, shoulders, feet and necks including Arthritis, Wear & Tear,  Restricted neck movement, Lower back pain, Stiffness, Specific Conditions caused by Sports Injuries, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Headaches & Migraines.