New Appointment: Josef Summers

Joe Summers, chiropractor Milton Chiropractic Clinic, Cambridge
Joe Summers, Chiropractor Milton Chiropractic Clinic

Joe will be joining the Milton Chiropractic team as a chiropractor in August 2018. We interviewed him recently and found out that Joe is very keen on becoming the first downhill cyclist champion in Cambridgeshire!

Joe, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I come from a fitness background originally having worked as a gym manager and personal trainer. After seeing the changes chiropractic made to my newborn son I knew that I wanted to be able to do the same. I love the fact that I am able to help people and find that the combination of my personal trainer background mixes really well with being a chiropractor. I studied at the Anglo European chiropractic college in Bournemouth which luckily for me, is in my hometown.


What made you choose to apply for a role with Milton Chiropractic?

Although I love Bournemouth, having spent most of my life there, I felt I needed to broaden my horizon a little. I was lucky enough to find a position opening up at Milton, as this clinic has a great reputation. Their philosophy and personalities seemed to fit well with my own and after careful consideration with my wife and children, we decided to go for it.




What are you looking forward to most about working at the clinic?

I am looking forward to becoming part of a greater team. Sharing experiences and knowledge enables one to reach a higher level and this is something I have always strived for, either within fitness as a personal trainer or as a chiropractor.

I obviously cannot wait to bike down the hills of Cambridgeshire either! I am a keen downhiller and Jasper assured me that the mountains here are as tall as he has ever seen! He is obviously from Holland so he might have exaggerated it a little.


What do you enjoy most about your line of work?

People. I am a people’s person and I love to help. Whether it is advising someone on the best exercises, nutrition or helping them by figuring out what the true cause of their complaint is, I love to help. I have seen many remarkable recoveries during my working career and being able to get people their lives back again means a lot to me.

I am really looking forward to meeting Milton Chiropractic’s patients and I hope to be a positive contributor to their health and wellbeing.


What would you say are the most common complaints you see day-to-day?

Low back pain is probably the number one, whether it has been an ongoing issue or a new injury.

Because of my fitness background and the athletes I treated in the past, I used to see a lot of shoulder injuries as well. I guess I did something right as I seemed to get a lot of referrals for shoulder problems in Bournemouth.



What are the most challenging injuries or complaints to treat?

This is a hard question to answer because each and every injury is unique, as every patient is unique. Every injury has its own unique mechanism of occurrence and it is down to the chiropractor to figure out why the injury was sustained in the first place. So a “simple” injury on the surface can have a complex individual biomechanical cause. But that is what I love about chiropractic!


You have been in chiropractic for some time, would you say that the industry has changed or the perception of it has changed in recent years? If so, how?

It has changed massively! The days when chiropractic was seen as “alternative healthcare” are definitely behind us. We are now seen as “complementary”. I have noticed that medical practitioners are asking for our opinions much more frequently as well. I have also seen many sports teams who have added chiropractic care to their standard care for the athletes.


How would you describe your style of patient care and your manner?

My approach to care is one of mutual agreement where I will if possible give options on how we treat your complaint, from a more manual approach to an exercise-based approach; or looking into nutrition and psychological factors. Either way, this will be done in a professional but also fun and relaxed environment, as the more comfortable you are the easier the results will be.


What interests do you have away from work?

I love spending time with my wife Kat and my two children, Edson and Emily, visiting new places and going on mini adventures.

I’m a pretty active person. In the past, I have competed in various martial arts and raced downhill mountain bikes, however, given the very flat terrain in Cambridgeshire I don’t think this will be happening anytime soon, despite what Jasper says! I also train and compete in Crossfit and can bore you to death about that if you are interested.


I look forward to meeting you all!!




Joe will be taking bookings from the 1st August 2018