New Appointment: Miss Jade Campbell-Bell, Associate Chiropractor

Chiropractor Milton Chiropractic Clinic

Ironwomen (!) Jade will be joining our team from August onward. As you can read from her interview, Jade is quite a busy bee. She enjoys cooking, training for the Ironman and is also a qualified equine chiropractor. Bike training in and about Cambridge for the Ironman will not be a problem, swimming in the sea however…

Anyway, read for yourself.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?


I grew up in a small town in Dorset on the coast, because of this I have a great love for the sea and water sports.

Along with treating patients, I am also a qualified Equine and canine chiropractor, which is great during summer as I get to work outside.

When I’m not working or treating horses, I spend most time either cooking or training in the gym.



What made you choose to apply for a role with Milton/Fornham Chiropractic?


Having observed the clinic I loved the repour the chiropractors had with the patients and everyone that worked in the clinic where so welcoming and friendly.

By applying for a job where I could see I was going to learn so much, which is one of the main things I wanted when choosing a job.


What do you know about Bury St Edmunds/Cambridge?


Not a lot, so I’m looking forward to joining some running groups so I can get to know the area.

I’m also looking forward to meeting the patients as they will hopefully be able to give me the best advice on places to visit and things to do.


What are you looking forward to most about working at the clinic?


Being able to work with other chiropractors, I have always worked by myself which I find can be very isolating.

So it’s nice to have help on hand when you thinking of treatment plans or the best way to manage complaints.


What do you enjoy most about your line of work?


The patients!

As much as I love learning new techniques, the most interesting and rewarding part of my job in meeting new people.

I have learnt so much from patients and met some interesting people, and every day is something new.


What would you say are the most common complaints you see day-to-day?


Most complaints I see day-to-day are normally postural related, I see a lot of tension headaches and neck pain.

I think due to the increased amount of screen time and bad posture when working.


What are the most challenging injuries or complaints to treat?


I personally find the shoulder joint one of the most challenging joints to treat, having said this shoulder pain is also one of my favourite complaints to treat!

You can see so many variations of injuries around the shoulder, instability and tendinopathies being some of the most common, I find these can be the most challenging due to the amount of time and rehab needed to stabilise the joint as well as getting the movement back in the shoulder.


You have been in chiropractic for some time, would you say that the industry has changed or the perception of it has changed in recent years? If so, how?


I think there has been a big push in the therapeutic management of musculoskeletal complaints over a past few years which has seen the demand in chiropractic increase.

I find a lot more patients I see now are looking for preventive care, I still see acute pain patients but I’m finding more people are coming wanting to improve fitness goals as well as preventing any injuries, which is great to see!


How would you describe your style of patient care and your manner?


I vary my techniques according to the patient and what suits them, so I think my manner changes a lot.

I take my time with patients, and I like to look at long term goals and aim towards improving the function.


What interests do you have away from work?


I love cooking, especially when I have the time.

Growing up near the sea always meant I could go fishing or buy locally caught fish, so I soon learnt how to make the most of this and taught myself to cook.


Do you have any wacky Hobbies? 


I don’t think my hobbies are too wacky, but I’m currently training for an Ironman which now takes up most of my spare time.

Living by the beach meant I could sea swim whenever I wanted, so this is one thing I will miss when moving!