Stuck at your desk? 3 Must Do Daily Exercises

  Desk jobs could put you out of sorts when your muscles tighten or become stiff due to being at your desk the whole day long.  Sometimes even walking can become a problem leave aside walking down a single flight of steps. To ensure your spine and muscles stay supple and relaxed do these back […]

The Best Abs Workout, Ever

Every time I go to the gym, I see some of my fellow gym members performing sit-ups or crunches. Sometimes, even worse, they perform these whilst hooking their feet under a metal bar, exercising the hip flexors! Doing sit-ups/crunches is so 1970’s, and knowing what we know now, I cannot understand why anyone would ever […]

Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium is one of the commonest substances in our body. And yet, many of us are deficient in it. Common causes for magnesium deficiency include: dietary choices (processed foods, fizzy drinks), Calcium supplements (disturbing the natural balance between magnesium and calcium), Digestive disorders, stress and alcohol addiction. Magnesium-rich food includes whole grains, leafy greens, nuts […]

Can Sitting Cause Diabetes?

We all know that sitting for too long is bad for you and causes all sorts of physical problems, like back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain and so on. But did you know that the act of sitting actually affects your mood and can lead to diseases like diabetes and heart problems? General movement […]

Associate required August 2015

Milton Chiropractic Clinic (located on the outskirts of Cambridge) is offering a new graduate an exiting opportunity to become a member of an enthusiastic team, committed to outstanding levels of patient care. You will be maintaining and expand an existing patient base. We are offering a full time position, as well as an £1800 p/m retainer. Starting date is the […]

Tommy’s Baby Race 2012

We are delighted to be supporting the Cambridge Baby Race in Milton Country Park on Sunday 22nd July!   Over 70 local families will take part in the Tommy’s 8k Baby Race helping to raise funds to give babies the best start in life. The race is organised in partnership with the pre and post-natal […]

Exceptional Patient Care & Service

We are very proud to announce that Milton Chiropractic Clinic has been awarded the Patient Partnership Quality Mark 2013 – 2015, by The College of Chiropractors. Jasper Hulscher, Owner of Milton Chiropractic Clinic will be presented with the award at The College of Chiropractors Official Ceremony in London on the 30th January 2013.   “The PPQM is […]

Revolutionary Self Help Exercise for Plantar Fasciitis

Lifestyle plays an important part in improving overall health and wellbeing Revolutionary Self Help Exercise for Plantar Fasciitis When you are experiencing a pain on the underside of your foot, about 4 cm forward from you heel and you are struggling to take your first steps in the morning because that’s when the pain is […]

Family & Friend’s Free Scan Day

In additon to the previously announced spinal scan day on Saturday 16th February Milton Chiropractic Clinic is also offering FREE Spinal Scans to the friends and family of our patients on Saturday 23rd February and Saturday 2nd March. The only thing we ask in return is a voluntary donation to the Spinal Research Trust at the reception desk.   We will be offering 15 minute appointments which will include a […]

Free Consultation with our specialist Chiropractors

If you (or someone you know) are suffering with pain, discomfort or immobility and its affecting your life and ability to get on with normal levels of activity, we would like to see you! Throughout June 2013, we are offering all new patients a ‘free 15 minute consultation’ with one of our specialist chiropractors.  Your consultation includes a free […]