Quick 4-minute fix for a Neck Hump (with FREE Exercise Sheet!)

    Download Your FREE Exercise Sheet with all the Exercises as demonstrated in the video here: https://www.miltonchiropractic.co.uk/worksheet-download/   Don’t forget to check out Part II of this video: https://youtu.be/fsdchGejKmU     Summary: A Neck Hump is also known as a Dowager’s Hump or a Buffalo Hump. It is often caused by a faulty posture […]

Get rid of Migraines Naturally and Fast

  Migraines are extremely debilitation and often happen out of our control. This video shares the most effective natural remedies which will help you to regain control over your migraines. The video describes the 6 most common triggers for migraine and what the best natural remedy/coping mechanisms is for each one of them. The 6 […]