6 Most Common Types of Headaches and their Natural Remedies (with FREE Exercise Sheet!)


This Video comes with a FREE Exercise Sheet with exercises for Anxiety headaches, Stress headaches and Tension headaches! Click here to download! Then go to this worksheet for the exercises:



In this video, we describe the 6 most common types of headaches and natural remedies.


To make it easier for you, just scroll to the @ min and sec section for each type of headache, in case you already know what type of headache you suffer from and are interested in the natural remedies for this one specific type of headache.


For each headache, we discuss

* Individual pain patters

* Characteristics


* Natural remedies before we move on to the next type of headache.


The individual pain patterns make it easier for you to identify which type of headache you suffer from and which natural remedies might suit you best.


We also mention 3 anti-inflammatory supplements which might bring relief for all the different types of headaches @ 10 min 10 sec.


The most common types of headaches are:


1. Sinus headaches (@ 1 min 10 sec)

2. Migraines (@ 2 min 50 sec)

3. Headaches caused by Digestive problems (@ 6 min 53 sec)

4. Anxiety headaches

5. Stress headaches

6. Tension headaches (all 3 @ 7 min 39 sec)


The information we share in this video should not replace advice given to you by a medical professional like your GP, Chiropractor or neurologist.


However, the information shared can be used in addition to medical advice. Good luck!


Please feel free to forward this video to friends and family whom you think might benefit from this information.


Good luck!