Shockwave Therapy and Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, rotator cuff pain, Achilles tendinitis, Iliotibial Friction Band Syndrome, – these are just a few examples of chronic tendon injuries.

As well as being very painful these conditions can also have a serious effect on your everyday life. Suddenly you are unable to do the things you love to do like exercise and sport. Even just going for a walk or carrying the children can become impossible when you have one of these conditions.

An impact on everyday life

And as well as the immediate problems with mobility and the impact on everyday life is the fact that injuries like these can take up to two years to resolve, making for a potentially depressing situation. Ice, massage, heat and conventional therapies might provide temporarily relief, but the fact is that the pain often comes back.

Shockwave therapy

One of the most effective therapies for plantar fasciitis is shockwave therapy thathas a success rate between 75 and 90%. Shockwave therapy works by sending out abrupt pulses of energy that are similar to sound-waves. Shockwave therapy is now being used to treat a growing number of tendon, joint and muscle conditions including plantar fasciitis.

In Cambridge, this shockwave therapy has only been available with a referral from a private orthopaedic consultants – until now!

Shockwave Therapy Physio Cambridge

At Physio-Cambridge, our methods involve highly effective, scientifically proven techniques with an individually tailored rehabilitation program. We are pleased to announce that we are now able to include treatment with shockwave therapy. We do offer unique, individualised treatment and rehabilitation programmes using our own proven procedures and now, in addition, we can offer shockwave therapy for tendon, joint and muscle conditions.

If you would like to be assessed to see if you would benefit from shockwave therapy, call us to make an appointment on 01223 864444 or book your appointment online!