Free Review

During your first appointment, your Chiropractor will discuss your condition and relevant medical history in detail and will listen to any additional ‘confidential’ information you might want to share regarding your condition or any concerns you have.

This first part of the initial consultation is free of charge. If for any reason we feel that your condition would not benefit from our treatments, we will refer you to a suitable local health-care professional, specialising in your particular condition.


We will complete a full, professional examination which includes checking your nerves, muscles and joints.

Sometimes, parts of the examination might seem irrelevant to your complaint but we may find it necessary to examine other systems in your body like the heart, blood pressure, lungs or abdomen. This ensures us that your complaint is suitable for chiropractic treatment.


We may use our state of the art scanners to provide a scanned image of your spine and the possible weakness attributing to your condition. The scans are non-invasive and non-painful, but help to determine the best possible treatment plan leading to the quickest results.


We will fully explain what we have found in simple, easy-to-understand language, with the aid of models and pictures. You will learn the reasons for your pain and discomfort and possible underlying causes. We will create and explain a treatment plan and the types of treatments we would like to use.

After a few weeks of treatment, we will monitor your progress by performing a second scan (no additional cost) and also re-perform the tests that we conducted at the initial exam to check that your spinal mobility has also improved.