Jasper Hulscher

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Originally from Holland, it was through a hockey injury that Jasper first came in contact with the local Chiropractor and became fascinated by chiropractic. After finishing a 4 year degree in physiotherapy in Holland, he moved to England and successfully completed the 5 year Chiropractic Master of Science degree.

Prior to running Milton Chiropractic Clinic in Cambridge, Jasper moved back to Holland to work in a chiropractic practice, which he took over two years later. During four successful years of management, the clinic grew to three full-time chiropractors and one physiotherapist.

Jasper’s professional interests include many aspects of health, and chiropractic proves to be an excellent profession for sharing this passion with his patients. Additionally, he has a keen interest in sports injuries and has treated numerous sports players with physio including; professional football players, professional cyclists as well as members of the local rugby, football and hockey teams

Kathryn Snudden

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Kathryn worked in the south of England before she decided to move Cambridge.

From a young age, Kathryn knew she wanted to work closely with people in a healthcare setting, and found a love for Chiropractic after her Dad received a successful course of treatment for a sporting injury. She has a patient goal centred approach, and is passionate about working with patients to get what they want out of treatment. She aims to provide individualised, quality care, using a wide range of evidence-based techniques.

Kathryn has a strong background in rehabilitation and sport, with experience treating Rugby teams. She strongly believes in promoting patient involvement through individual exercise programmes, to not only treat but also prevent injury.

“The best thing about chiropractic is working towards and achieving the goals of your patients, and getting them to a stage of strength and fitness they may have never thought possible!”

Her special interest lies working with pregnant mothers and babies, having worked closely with midwives to improve breast feeding.

When not working, Kathryn loves getting outdoors to walk her dogs, going to the gym and travelling all over to meet friends from her studies.

Josef Summers

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Joe has been practising in the Bournemouth area – he loved the beach and the sea – but has left this all behind to join us in Milton. 

Before studying for chiropractic, he had a career in the fitness industry, working as a personal trainer and gym manager.

Joe decided to pursue a career in chiropractic after seeing the amazing results it had on his newborn son, recognising that this was what he wanted to do.

Joe has competed in martial arts, raced downhill mountain bikes and is also a CrossFit coach and competitor. Joe is planning to set up the 1st downhill mountain bike club in Cambridgeshire! Guaranteed to take off!

Aside from pushing himself physically, he enjoys spending time with his family exploring new areas and generally just being a big kid. It looks likes he might be fit in perfectly then!

Joe has treated a wide range of athletes from gymnasts to Olympic weightlifters and enjoys treating all ranges of conditions, seeing the improvement chiropractic has on an individual’s quality of life.

Sarah Bezuidenhout

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Sarah was born in the UK but has spent much of her life living in Africa – both in Mozambique and South Africa. Sarah has enjoyed a varied career, working in everything from floristry to estate agency, finance to teaching, running a restaurant to working for a gold mining company.

Sarah’s skills as a people person means that she can easily turn her hand to many roles, bringing the same enthusiasm and energy to her work. Sarah left Cape Town in 2012 to move back to the UK with her two teenage daughters.

She began working at Milton Chiropractic Clinic in 2013 – a decision she largely puts down to the fact that Jasper Hulscher is the only person she had met in the UK able to pronounce her name correctly! Sarah also enjoys working as practice manager at Milton Chiropractic because she has first-hand experience of the effectiveness of chiropractic.

She says, “In South Africa, chiropractic is very popular and is often the first port of call for anybody suffering from musculoskeletal problems.”

Sarah also loves the variety that comes with working at Milton. She says, “Every day is different and I get to meet patients from different age groups and backgrounds. The clinic is such a happy place to work – always filled with laughter. And perhaps most importantly of all, the team are so very supportive of one another.”

Interesting fact about Sarah: she has never learned to ride a bike.