Jasper Hulscher B.Sc (physio), M.Sc DC

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Originally from Holland, it was through a hockey injury that Jasper first came in contact with the local Chiropractor and became fascinated by chiropractic. After finishing a 4 year degree in physiotherapy in Holland, he moved to England and successfully completed the 5 year Chiropractic Master of Science degree.

Prior to running Milton Chiropractic Clinic in Cambridge, Jasper moved back to Holland to work in a chiropractic practice, which he took over two years later. During four successful years of management, the clinic grew to three full-time chiropractors and one physiotherapist.

Jasper’s professional interests include many aspects of health, and chiropractic proves to be an excellent profession for sharing this passion with his patients. Additionally, he has a keen interest in sports injuries and has treated numerous sports players with physio including; professional football players, professional cyclists as well as members of the local rugby, football and hockey teams

Khai Wong M.Sc, DC

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Originally from Malaysia, Khai Wong had been practicing in Aberdeen before joining the Milton Chiropractic team. What set Khai on a career path in chiropractic, and fostered her passion for the therapy, was witnessing her parents experience pain relief after visiting a local chiropractor.

Khai is known for her love of interacting with patients and is continually amazed by the positive results chiropractic care can bring. She is dedicated to helping patients by addressing the root cause of their pain and providing both short-term relief, and long-term solutions through lifestyle changes, exercise, and preventative care.

In addition to her chiropractic work, Khai is a creative individual who enjoys playing the piano and ukulele, painting, and going on long walks. If given a month off, she would love to visit Japan to immerse herself in its cuisine, culture, and scenic views. We love sharing Khais’ passion for Malaysian food; nasi lemak for everyone please Khai!!           

Josef Summers M.Sc., DC

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Joe Summers hails from Bournemouth, and after practicing in the area for many years, left behind the beach and surf to join the Milton team in 2018. He had a diverse background in the fitness industry, working as a personal trainer and gym manager before pursuing a career in chiropractic. He was inspired to enter the field after witnessing the positive impact it had on his newborn son.

Joe has also been involved in martial arts, downhill mountain biking, and is a CrossFit coach and competitor. He has plans to establish the first downhill mountain bike club in Cambridgeshire. Guaranteed to take off!

In addition to his physical pursuits, Joe values spending time with his family and exploring new areas. He has experience treating a wide range of athletes, from gymnasts to Olympic weight lifters, and enjoys treating all ranges of conditions. He is passionate about improving individuals’ quality of life through chiropractic care.

Kathryn Snudden M.Sc. DC

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Kathryn joined the Milton team in 2016, and after 7 years with us took a year out to do some exploring – traveling to Europe and onto southeast Asia!

She has so many stories to tell….falling off a ski lift as it was taking off in France…flying down a vertical icy black run on her bottom on her birthday…leaving her backpack in Jakarta as she hopped on the next flight to Bali! She has always loved running marathons; but nothing beats being chased by a water buffalo with a huge backpack on, whilst hiking in Vietnam!

We are so happy to welcome you back!!

Looking forward to your legendary cupcakes!!          

Ty Keca M.Sc, DC

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Ty is straight from the great white north – of Canada – stuck in a small farm town called Grimsby, located between Toronto and Niagara Falls.

Ty graduated from Brock University with a degree in Kinesiology before coming to the UK to study at the Anglo-European Chiropractic College in Bournemouth.

Ty feels that Chiropractic gives people an alternative option of care; it allows people to heal, recover and improve in a way that is incredibly unique to Western medicine and most other healthcare professions. He really enjoys working in this profession because it has the potential to change people’s lives for the better.

Ty is a born and raised vegetarian, who loves to cook good food and enjoys eating it twice as much. He has always been extremely active and would always prefer to be outside in the rain or shine than inside.

Simar (Sim) Brar M.Sc., DC

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Encouraged into chiropractic care due to the personal experience of his supportive mother and aunt, Simar graduated with a BSc.(Specialised Honours)  Kinesiology and Health Sciences in his hometown of Toronto in Canada. He obtained his CSEP personal trainer certification providing personal training services in the Greater Toronto Area; before gaining an internship with AFC Bournemouth and Weymouth FC, where he offered chiropractic care.

One of the aspects Simar enjoys most about his work is the opportunity to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and make small changes that have a significant impact on their well-being. He has experience treating various conditions, ranging from chronic back pain, stiffness, neck pain, and headaches to more complex issues like fibromyalgia, degenerative disorders, and poorly managed previous injuries.

Simar is dedicated to providing warm, compassionate, and dignified care to every patient at the clinic. Outside of work, he has a passion for football and has coached youth teams in Toronto. He also enjoys long-distance running and has completed the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. S

Simar makes sure he keeps his positive attitude on show from head to toe (literally), thanks to his collection of funky socks!

Natalia Maya M.Sc., DC

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Natalia our coffee fanatic, not surprising as she originates from Colombia, has had a diverse and interesting career. Prior to joining Milton Chiropractic Clinic, she volunteered with the Red Cross and received an international scholarship to study in Bournemouth. She also worked as part of the Rehabilitation and Mental Health Support team, for the Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust in Bournemouth.

Natalia’s first exposure to chiropractic was during a seminar on high performance organized by the Colombian Olympic Committee of 2012. This sparked her interest in chiropractic, as she discovered its effectiveness not only for elite athletes but also for families; pregnant women; babies and paediatrics, with their varying health issues.

With her background in various fields, Natalia takes an integrated approach to treatment, combining the best tools from chiropractic, sports exercise, physical therapy, and massage therapy to provide effective care in Milton. She has a particular interest in helping clients achieve their nutrition, sport, and fitness goals.

Apryl Aylott M.Chiro, DC

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Apryl is a resident of Cambridgeshire who recently returned to the area after practicing in Bournemouth. She was drawn back by the familiarity of the flat lands and the comforts of her family, including her mother’s famous Sunday roasts.

With a history as a long-time patient at our Milton clinic, Apryl not only experienced the benefits of chiropractic care firsthand but was also inspired to pursue a career in the field. Her commitment to this discipline is evident in her approach, particularly in the collaborative efforts with patients to promote preventative care; and in her holistic perspective aiming to restore and maintain optimal bodily function.

Apryl is characterized by her love for the outdoors, whether engaging in walks along the Norfolk coast with her labrador or exploring new cities abroad with family and friends. Her kind, caring and happy nature shines through in her interactions, making her a perfect fit for her role as a Chiropractor.

Rest assured, under Apryl’s care you can expect a dedicated and compassionate approach to your well-being. You will be in capable hands!

Sarah Bezuidenhout

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Sarah was born in the UK but has spent much of her life living in Africa – both in Mozambique and South Africa. Sarah has enjoyed a varied career, working in everything from floristry to estate agency, finance to teaching, running a restaurant to working for a gold mining company.

Sarah’s skills as a people person means that she can easily turn her hand to many roles, bringing the same enthusiasm and energy to her work. Sarah left Cape Town in 2012 to move back to the UK with her two teenage daughters.

She began working at Milton Chiropractic Clinic in 2013 – a decision she largely puts down to the fact that Jasper Hulscher is the only person she had met in the UK able to pronounce her name correctly! Sarah also enjoys working as practice manager at Milton Chiropractic because she has first-hand experience of the effectiveness of chiropractic.

She says, “In South Africa, chiropractic is very popular and is often the first port of call for anybody suffering from musculoskeletal problems.”

Sarah also loves the variety that comes with working at Milton. She says, “Every day is different and I get to meet patients from different age groups and backgrounds. The clinic is such a happy place to work – always filled with laughter. And perhaps most importantly of all, the team are so very supportive of one another.”

Interesting fact about Sarah: she has never learned to ride a bike.

All of the members of our team are extremely dedicated, professional and above all, friendly! Learn more about each of them by reading their descriptions below.